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PhD degree also known as a doctor of philosophy, is a 3 years professional and academic degree maximum extension could be 6 years. Candidates must have a master’s degree or MPhil Degree in the area they want to specialize minimum of 55% marks and for reservation 5% relaxation

  • PhD Specializations Faculty of Commerce and Management
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Studies
  • Faculty of Architect and Design
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Media and Communication
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • All Other Faculties and all Disciplines

After PhD: The doctorate and secure jobs such as University professors, Industrial R&D Lab professionals, Start-Up mentors, Authors, Senior research scientists and others in areas such as Universities, Colleges, Science centres, Statistical units, Plant Breeding centres, Software development, etc.

In the PhD course (doctoral level), entrance tests play an important role. For the upcoming section, we have provided the list of entrance exams.

PhD programs have course-by-course syllabi for entrance exams and traditional learning. The program syllabus has units. Theory, practical, viva, etc. are taught in courses. The program teaches students research methodology, tools, formulation, literature review, and more.

After passing the Doctoral or PhD degree from a distance or regular institution in India candidates shall have a tremendous opportunity to either remain in academia or

Find work in well-honored organizations. Those who wish to continue their academic life can pick any of the options given such as Post-Doctorate, Faculty Member, Adjunct Position, academic teaching, and more.

More wide professional options are open for the candidates to become an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Digital Marketing Specialist, Research Associate, etc.

Students can learn about the Doctorate level degree program with the following points

PhD Course Highlights
PhD Full FormDoctor of Philosophy
PhD Duration3 to 6 Years
PhD Course LevelDoctorate
PhD ModesRegular, Online & Part-time
PhD Course FeesVaries from university to university

There are numerous Doctor of Philosophy Scholarships awarded in the country that support learners in pursuing their PhD Course aims.

Why Study a PhD Course?

As per the latest guidelines of the competent authorities to get an entry into the Academic world, research labs, AI centres, etc PhD is mandatory along with requisite publications in UGC Cate listed journals.

PhD students will get the opportunity to make a prosperous career in the field they choose as best for them. Since the doctorate course is considered the highest level of degree that a student can achieve in their career, students will get lots of opportunities to get involved in a job prospect that will help them bring a positive change to a task.

Advantages of pursuing PhD course?
  • Aspirants who would like to work in academic or scientific studies must undertake a Doctor of Philosophy degree.
  • By opting for the PhD course, students will get the opportunity to chase their passion and change the way others look at it. They will get their mindset and skills ready for the challenges that they need to face during their professional career.
  • To determine if you are eligible to seek a PhD. Course, the person should engage in deep conversations with teachers and previous PhD scholars who can provide good advice.
Types of PhD Courses

In India, Students have multiple options can pursue PhD courses through three modes, such as Full-time PhD, online PhD, and part-time PhD.

PhD Eligibility Criteria

Students who are seeking admission to the PhD course must fulfil the institution’s eligibility requirements. There are different eligibility requirements for this course that vary from university to university. Below, students can take a look and know whether they are eligible or not.

  • To opt PhD courses, students must have completed a postgraduate degree.
  • Applicants should have a minimum of 50% to 55% of their PG instructional points or test scores from a reputed institute.
  • Aspirants with relevant experience in research are valued highly by academic institutions.
PhD Entrance Exam

PhD admittance is based on enrolment in several institutions, and academic institutions respect the result of a nationwide or university entry exam. The details about some important PhD entrance exams are given:

  • UGC NET/Set students are exempted in the PhD entrance examination
PhD Course Syllabus

Each PhD field and thread has its own topics and themes in the Doctorate Curriculum. With a strong emphasis on academic concepts, the Ph.D. Curriculum topics focus on investigations and relevant applications of the topic. The syllabus covers required courses and electives, as well as research tasks and scientific studies, which are presented after the Doctorate class ends.

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