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Our mission is to create an online platform worldwide to mutually share knowledge and experience of Intellectuals of different level in the interest to enhance research in Industry and Academics. Our services includes
1. Preperation of research reports for Industry .
2. Assistance ,guidance, help,technical support for academic research( Pls note we do not write thesis/ article etc for researcher, we provide them guidance and support only)
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Industry detail project report and CRISIL services. Intellects linkup supports your effort; we provide the best resolving technical issues through counselling, training services at an affordable cost.

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Support for statistical/ data analysis like AMOS,MATLAB,SPSS,Excel,etc.

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Intellects linkup makes your task easy get all the things done at convenience.

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Intellects linkup provides a good analytical data which makes your things easy to understand and work. Our Statistical/Data Analysis Services makes things easy.

Intellects linkup offers the best affordable and word class content development services. You’re just a call away from getting us onboard.

Getting everything in place before taking down the research work is also important. Intellects linkup helps in Research Proposal services.

Research is an important task and takes a lot of time and effort. But only research does not help you need to write down every possible work done during the research to make readers understand what actually has gone into working of research. Intellects linkup makes your research services easy.

Research process is a battle that we face at least once in our life. The amount of planning, time and energy consumption is incomparable to any other academic work. Once your research produces a significant results, there is the matter of objectively putting these results into words in the standard format. Of course there is absolutely no spoon feeding when it comes to your research. It’s your own creation, a result of your own blood, sweat and (hopefully not) tears.

Research begins with a simple observation. Let’s take the light road and go with the following example. As an ice cream seller, you see that your ice cream sales shoot up as the temperature goes up. Here comes your question “ Why does my ice cream sales soar as the temperature soars?” Surely there is a positive association between the temperature and your sales! But How and Why is what you need to find out so that ultimately you can find ways to increase your sales with the results of your research

You have a general idea that hot temperatures can heat ones body and hence anything cool/cold including ice creams can help to cool the body down. But it’s just an untested theory.

So in order to test it, you then establish your statement which is basically the question behind your research. It is yet to be proved, hence it is a hypothetical statement.

“Positive association between ice cream sales and temperature is a result of one’s effort to cool down their body due to increasing body heat”

This statement is tested out via various experiments, surveys, observation and the results are statistically analysed and you have a SIGNIFICANT Result that proves that your ice cream sales have increased due to increasing body heat and people’s efforts to cool it down! You can now target sales in places where body temperature rises up like the beaches, school playgrounds, parks, carnivals and much more!

You are excited to share the results with everyone but how do you explain a bunch of statistical jargons to the lay man? Most importantly, how do you engage your readers in your research from beginning till the end without boring them to death?

That’s where your research skills come handy.

Before we dive in, let’s get down to some basic concepts.

What is research ?

It is the art and science of effectively materializing your statistical research into a report following structured and standardised format. Usually submitted as part of ones academic tenure, it is the most critical aspect of your degree; whether you are pursuing your Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

Baby Steps Towards a Solid Research

1. Time Travel to the Past - Let’s face it. Your idea for thesis writing has been thought about by at least one other person in this world. In most cases you will even find researches after research on the same topic by various other equally curious researchers. Lucky for you, the best of the best observations and results have been recorded when they published their thesis. So the best way to start your thesis is to read about what others have done and found. That way, you can get the gist of the words and structure that has been used in the expert’s research .

2. Back to a Reality - Make your Introduction the punchline to your research paper. Get the potential readers engaged and curious right from the beginning of your thesis paper! If your research results are interesting enough to cause a stir, then give your readers a light teaser of your disruptive results! You want your readers to go through the entire paper, so there is no harm in being a little frugal with your explanations in the intro.

3. Solid Foundation - Before you even start writing down your thesis, establish a standard structure and format; like the skeleton to the muscles in your body. With no skeleton, your body is a just a mushy little mess! From the past papers you may have an idea that there is a pattern that is being followed when it comes to the thesis writing format. Follow it because, let’s face it, the ones who have been successful in publishing their research in esteemed journals know what they are doing. As soon as you have decided the format of your thesis it’s time to fill it in.

4. Anticipate the Future - As you present your arguments about your research, keep in mind to include what you possibly could have done better, where you might have gone wrong, how your research could contribute to existing pool of knowledge and some recommendations to future researchers who may refer to your work for their thesis writing. Even if your results are highly objective and measurable, it’s best to remain humble and keep some space for criticisms. Coming back to our ice cream example, even though you have identified the leading cause for increasing ice cream scales and you have targeted areas where you can increase your sales due to the causation, you still need to consider possible variables that may affect your quantitative research! For example, what if there is a lemonade stand right next to where you sell ice creams? So anticipate, anticipate, anticipate everything that can possibly go wrong with your research. In a nutshell, be the critique of your own research!

Do remember to avoid abstract and vague terms and try to be as concise and precise as possible.

If you are in need to complete your research, worry not as Intellects Linkup will give you the necessary help to overcome that obstacle. We realise that research writing is no child’s play and that it is only natural for all your researchers out there to feel apprehensive about

We provide assistance in statistical analysis needs to be presented in the most simple yet professional manner. Hence we provide professional Statistical/Data Analysis Services . We also understand that due to time constraints, people often skim through the synopsis of your research to get the gist of your hard work. Hence we provide precise and engaging in research.

Do not slack give your best shot in your research !

So make your move and JOIN the INTELLECTS LINKUP community NOW for a bright and successful future!

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