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One stop solution for all your academic, research and extension activities. A pool of renowned academicians, industry experts, statistician's online guidance for Educational Consulting Services and Event Management Online Guidance for aspiring M. Phil and PhD Researchers. A panacea for admissions, placement, corporate training, etc. Experimental & Research Support by International Experts.

Across the world people hire someone to ghostwrite, skilled analyst for a book or other project, or editor. The idea is to hire a professional to do the actual bone-work for ultimate needy person who is lacking in writing skills to interprets his /her idea precisely. The company research department, research student supply the ideas, the ghost writer OR content developer supplies the grunt-work of the content development, professional writing and editing. The ghost can also professionally format any manuscript, making it polished and presentable for literary agents and commercial book publishers. Likewise, we do provide same services to the aspirants . When Ghost can be hired to prepare speeches, press releases, comedy routines, websites, blog posts, expert articles, whitepapers, business documents, tourist guides, in-house literature same is applicable to research content development too. The job of the ghost-writer OR content developer OR data analyst is to develop an idea and professionally present in written form to the ultimate stakeholders.
The pros are obvious: the stakeholder save time and get better quality writing. Of course, these are pros only if stakeholder lack time or his/her writing skills are poor or average. The cons are less obvious. You lose some control, although they are your words, so you have the final say on what the ghost-writer produces.
The ghost-writer will also never know your business as well as the stakeholders do. The best ghost-writer/content developer /client relationship is where the client (you) provides lots of information to write about where he/she is not having that writing skills to present in writing ,hence its but natural he/she needs a expert in the same field which can help researcher to put the words together in required formats.

At Intellects Linkup, we assist all subjects including PhDs, management, engineering and computer science to name a few except vernacular languages. (Hindi, Tamil, Marathi etc). Additionally, we provide MBA/BBA project report services and MBA/MCA/ PG courses assignment writing services.

The Intellects Linkup is a dynamic and interactive platform for intellectuals that provide online support for all academic, research activities and even extension activities. The company has a well-proven track record in terms of research assistance, placements, seminar and conference session planning and more recently has added a feather in its cap in terms of specialized inputs regarding accreditation. We provide a variety of academic services that include book writing services, dissertation writing services, statistical/data analysis services, PhD thesis writing services, PhD research guidance, research proposal services, synopsis writing services, and more.

Intellects Linkup deals in Statistical/Data Analysis Services (Micro & Macro), Market Research, Preparation of Detail Project Report for new Company, Writing & Research Publication in JCR Journals, Scientific & Technical support for PhD Thesis, PhD thesis writing services Publication of Books, Web design, Unique Commercial Designing & Printing as per the theme.

The company has carved a niche for itself in an organization of National and International Conferences, seminars, the academic symposium and corporate events including annual HR meets. Intellect Linkup can render its services right from fund-raising, licensing with international experts, participants, publicity of event, the conduct of event to the publication of souvenir.

Yes. The Intellects Linkup has a pool of experts for Corporate Brand Design, Promotional Material Design, Product Packaging Design, Unique Commercial Designing & Printing, Corporate Logo, Symbol Design and Corporate Web Design.

The Intellects Linkup award the consultancy in Accreditation, CRISIL Ratings, Collaboration, Consultancy, and FDP/MDP. Moreover, the organization has an impressive track record of assisting academic institutions in attaining accolades such as accreditation by competent and statutory authorities.

Yes! Unlike some other tutoring and consulting services, you do not need to sign up for a paid membership; you can register as a free member to avail basic information of all segments of the company. Even without membership, you can simply send your query the type of services you need so that we can provide you with our consultancy services quote.

The consultancy services depend upon the type of services on a case by case basis and are generally determined by how many hours of our expert’s time will be required and the software to be used.

The Intellects Linkup experts are PhD holders and Post-doctorate scholars, professionals from various disciplines like MS EXCEL, SPSS, AMOS, MATLAB, MINITAB.

We have several experts at Intellects Linkup. Whether you’re studying science, engineering, law, management, IT or any other discipline, we have a team of experts who can help you in every discipline with their research paper writing services.

Intellects Link UP is fully familiar with a variety of different citation and academic referencing systems, including APA and Harvard, as well as University and college academic integrity rules. All written work produced in the course of your tutoring or consulting service is subjected to rigorous academic scrutiny including plagiarism check.

Our services are delivered online, which means that we can interact with our clients without time and place constraints. To get started, all you need is an email and a phone number!

Our business values, your privacy. We recognize that our reputation is dependent upon it and at all times strive to keep you completely satisfied. We have a pool of more than 1000 plus stakeholders associated with us and till date, not a single case of breach of privacy has been surfaced. Moreover, all the projects have their unique identification number and no details of clients are divulged to anyone for whatsoever the reason.

Regrettably not. We offer pre-paid custom writing expertise, meaning initially you have to pay for your order ONLINE through registering, after the full and final payment we will confirm our guidance cum consultancy service. In some case, we deal with installment options and flexible payment options as well.

We work according to the requirement of the stakeholders. We have a wide selection of deadline options, thereby making sure you get the ideal paper you require on time.

We strive hard to enable plagiarism free writings and 100% unique contents. To ensure flawless high-quality writings, we have in addition contracted an accurate plagiarism checking platform. Intellects linkup ensures that all researched materials will be accurately cited and referenced. Kindly note in the event you order proofreading/ editing/rewriting of a document - you must ensure that the initial document is not plagiarized.

Novel Conceptualization is one page write up or framework of your research in the chosen domain, which highlights the unique and new (never done) research idea. It is the brainchild (intellectual property) of us that is transferred to you.

It is a proposal prepared according to specified university’s format to be submitted to the university for the research review committee, which after deliberations approves the given topic and framework for further research. We provide research proposal services or synopsis writing services to help you ace your thesis.

Once the paper is uploaded to the publisher, the editor of the scientific publication service provider sends the manuscript for blind peer review process, whereby a set of qualified reviewers scrutinizes it and sends their comments or acceptance.

Yes, Intellects Link has a journal “we Ken International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences” indexed in the database of J-Gate and I-Scholar.

The specified threshold requirements by various universities require a minimum of 80% originality in the research work submitted by researchers. Most of the researchers get caught even if they have no intention of plagiarism. We provide a concrete, rational and scientific solution and ensure that research work submitted by the researcher is according to norms.

MATLAB, NS2, NS3, JAVA, SPSS, OMNeT++, OPNET, QualNet, Scilab, simulink, open CV and Mininet.

Proofreading is the process of enhancement of the document in terms of Grammar check, punctuation check, content flow, language improvisation, alignment, fonts. Plagiarism Correction is not included in proofreading service.

Yes, you can easily Get connected easily with your target focus group of Institutes, Academician, Company and Corporate of your choice globally for Placement, Project, Dissertation assistance or any other services, PhD Resource, PG, Preparation exams, Professional Resume Writing and Other domain too.

An academician can easily get connected easily with the target focus group of Corporate, Institutes, and students as per the requirement globally. According to his expertise and interest he can render services including Post PhD Services, Major and Minor Project services, Consultancy Services, Online and offline Trainer /Coaching / Mentoring across the globe, Online PhD an entrance module for cracking entrance, PhD research guidance for aspirants in writing research paper & thesis, Guidance of PG, M. Phil and PhD thesis writing services. He can avail benefits from the vast network available with us to become a Speaker, Session Chair (National and International Conferences). As a guest speaker or visiting lectures, Trainer (for online and offline Coaching / Mentoring across the globe), Guidance for PhD aspirants in writing research paper & thesis, Online PhD an entrance module for cracking entrance.

The Institutes get a platform to connect easily with its target focus group of Corporate, Institutes, Corporate employees and Students of its choice globally. The institutes can avail the services of Intellect Link UP for a variety of reasons such as

  • Academic Audit
  • Research
  • Patent
  • University Major and Minor DPR
  • PhD
  • Data Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Publications
  • Plagiarism
  • SPSS
  • SCI
  • ABDC
  • IEEE
  • ISSN
  • ISBN
  • NAAC
  • NBA
  • Post Doc
  • D litt
  • AMOS
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • JAVA
  • OMNeT++
  • QualNet
  • Scilab
  • simulink
  • OpenCV & Mininet
  • Collaboration
  • FDP/ MDP
  • Market Research
  • Bloging Services
  • Product Description & Reviews
  • Accreditation
  • NAAC
  • NBA
  • International Syllabus Designing
  • International Advisors
  • University Formation Consultancy
  • Admissions
  • Collaborations
  • Accreditation
  • CRISIL Ratings
  • Foreign Collaboration

The corporate clients can utilize the various database and resources available at the organization disposal for various objectives such as:

  • Market Research
  • To access the credentials of student database to get efficient and multi-skilled talents from the Intellects data base
  • To depute a Manager as a Speaker, Chair the session at National and International conferences.
  • Trainer for online and offline Coaching / Mentoring across the globe.
  • Searching guest speakers / visiting lectures for training purpose.

The corporate employee can easily get connected with the target focus group of Institutes, Corporate, Academician and Students for:

  • Placement Assistance
  • Market Research
  • To access the credentials of student database to get efficient and multi-skilled talents from the Intellects database
  • Be a Speaker, Chair the session at National and International conferences
  • As guest speakers / visiting lectures(Conducting training sessions)
  • Trainer ( for online and offline Coaching / Mentoring across the globe Guidance for PhD aspirants in writing research paper & thesis.)
  • An Online PhD entrance module for cracking entrance

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