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To Get - Get expert guidance on a variety of services.

Testimonial - As a researcher with 5 years of expertise in research myself, I needed help with a particular section of my data analysis. Although apprehensive at approaching a virtual party to clear my query, I went ahead and took help from Intellects LinkUps Statistical/Data Analysis Services. I was quite happy with the expert team members who guided me throughout the entire process. I am sure that they would be of even bigger help to those who are just entering the challenging world of research!
- Sabeeha Singh

To Give: Provide expert guidance on a variety of services. Depending on your expertise and field of study, you can provide a range of services to students in need.p>


To get Invited - As prestigious as it sounds, conferences are the biggest platforms to share your disruptive findings to a large group of like minded researchers and academicians. You can get valuable feedback, constructive criticisms, recommendations and even ideas for your next research. If your research is groundbreaking enough you will have a platform to network with academicians from varying national backgrounds to set up a collaborative research with you!

To Attend - If your intention is to merely be a spectator at the most intellectual conferences held in the nation, then Intellects Linkup will provide you with the opportunity to attend some of the most relevant and interactive conferences and seminars near you.

Research Guides

To get Invited - Get invited as a PhD Viva Voce Expert or Chairperson to some of the most prestigious universities with the most revered crowds. Present your latest findings and inspire a large group of people to follow in your footpath. Take the opportunity to become an esteemed mentor for aspiring researchers. Give yourself the amazing platform to network with academicians from related fields and discuss the possibility of a collaborative research.

Testimonial : I had the brilliant opportunity to present my latest research to the PhD students at an esteemed college in India. I must say that although I came from the other side of the country, Intellects Linkup helped me organize my trip during the conference. It was a pleasure being able to reach out to aspiring PhD students with much help from Intellects!
-Abhinabha Baruah

To Invite - Invite some of the top notch research experts from a variety of domains to present their findings at your university. You and your students have the opportunity to stay up to date with the current developments in the industry and get some inside scoop from the subject matter expert himself/herself.

Database Service

To Get Data - Our database comprises of the most comprehensive sets of secondary quantitative and qualitative datasets that will prove useful to your research. All types of data including chronological, numerical and categorical data can be furnished by our team of experts. Your research would be data rich and complex enough to impress any seasoned researcher. Just fill in the form to let us know what type of dataset you are looking for and we will help you out right away!

To Provide Data - With an abundance of secondary data available to manipulate in an array of research types, often times a fresh new set of primary data can be intriguing. Some datasets come with an expiration period and therefore need to be replaced in intervals with a new set of data. If you have gone out of the way to collect detailed and comprehensive data, you can provide the data to us and be rewarded!


To get Advertisement - If you are looking to get sponsorships or advertisement for international conferences, national conferences, in-house events of institutes, or admission brochures, then we can help you! Get in touch with us today.

To give Advertisement - If you are willing to give sponsorships or advertisement for international conferences, national conferences, in-house events of institutes, or admission brochures, then we can help you! Get in touch with us today.

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