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A prestigious university can add a golden feather to your academic credentials. Although looking up university ranking is a detrimental step towards a highly revered degree, it is important that the course you opt for matches your interests and aspirations. At Intellects Linkup, our education consultants will help you find the most suitable university to pursue your degree. If you are confused about the course you want to undertake, we can even help you narrow down your interests and goals to that of an existing course.

If your university is open to admissions for upcoming courses, then you can advertise the vacancy with us and we will match up students looking for the same course or with similar interests with your requirement.


Institutes often invite keynote speakers from varying nationalities and educational backgrounds to talk at their events. We at Intellects Linkup have a interweb of researchers and academicians who wish to share and discuss their latest findings. The topics covered are vast and the expertise is high quality. If you are looking for an opportunity to inspire your students, let us know and we can put you in touch with key researchers and players in the desired industry.

If you are a subject matter expert or highly revered researcher looking to share valuable information on the developments within your field of work, we can arrange to put you in touch with institutes and universities looking for some inspiration at their events.


Pinpointing the right course in itself can be super difficult considering the sheer abundance of high performing universities and the competition to get entry into it. Sometimes the courses offered appear vague and inconsistent, or other times your interests may fit into more than one course at once! You may also be wondering the scope of getting into and excelling in a particular course and the job prospects after it. After all, you will be spending a huge chunk of your savings or borrowing and spending a large amount of time excelling in it that you might as well get the choice right! We understand and empathize with you on all these issues. Therefore, we provide consultancy for students who wish to get some guidance in choosing the most appropriate courses that fit your requirements and interests. We will even consider the fee structure and other amenities when we help you find the perfect match.

If you are a seasoned educational consultant who can provide detailed information about courses and curriculum in various universities across the world, then we need your help. A lot of aspiring academic performers are looking for the right course and university that is cohesive to their attitudes, aptitudes and interest. If you think you have the expertise in providing such information and the patience to listen to these students, then join our team!


University partnerships is one of the most beneficial steps students and academicians can take to increase their prospects of a successful career. The reason being, collaborations often bring into perspective a variety of methodologies to arrive at one solution, meaning the learning curve is huge. Moreover, due to the intrinsic factor of a feeling of competitiveness, the need to excel is also high which in turn brings in a more dedicated and organized approach to the projects. As each In addition to that, aspiring students can also benefit a great deal by networking with future mentors in case they are thinking of pursuing a doctoral degree from a different university.

Database Services

We are aware that there is a huge demand for quantitative data in institutes, especially towards the time of dissertations. We also know that your university libraries may have limited resources and you may have to resort to some online scouting to get your desired datasets. However, the guarantee of reliability is reduced to a grea extent. Therefore, we have one of the best databases that comprise of a large array of quantitative data - numerical, categorical, etc that are made available to you at a reasonable rate. Now there is no compromise on the magnitude of your study and you are sure to impress your assessor with your complex statistical analysis using such a comprehensive set of data. Apart from secondary data, we also encourage researchers who went out of their way to collect primary data to share with us and be rewarded. In case you need help with the analysis of data, you can reach out to us for our statistical/data analysis services .


Students who are looking for their dream universities make a choice based on word of mouth advertising and sometimes by how attractive, informative, and promising the university brochure looks. We will help you with formulating captivating advertisements for your university to encourage a larger number of admissions.

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