Admissions: Your company’s growth is positively associated with the growth of your employees. So we know that when your company decides to invest a large chunk of their revenue on your academic growth, it is a matter to be taken with utmost seriousness. Considering the potential chances of using the skills you picked up during the course in your job means that the course needs to be vocational and highly practical. Acknowledging these needs, we will help your employees in targetting courses that will prove beneficial to your company.


Your employees can benefit a great deal from subjects matter experts and researchers who have spent years examining every minute detail of the workings of the industry. You will have the opportunity to receive inside scoop on the ongoing developments in your field of work and stay up to date while building new connections via networking. Therefore it is essential that a company organizes conferences or seminars for occasional inspiration and improved work efficiency. Lucky for you, we can provide you with some of the most well-known keynote speakers to grace your events with their latest findings. Suppose you run an R&D department, the idea of having the first go at developing something new based on the latest piece of research can only mean profits for you! In addition to that your company can depute a manager as a speaker at National and International conferences.


Pinpointing the right course in itself can be super difficult considering the sheer abundance of high performing universities and the competition to get entry into it. Sometimes the courses offered appear vague and inconsistent, or other times your interests may fit into more than one course at once! You may also be wondering the scope of getting into and excelling in a particular course and the job prospects after it. After all, you will be spending a huge chunk of your savings or borrowing and spending a large amount of time excelling in it that you might as well get the choice right! We understand and empathize with you on all these issues. Therefore, we provide consultancy for your employees who wish to get some guidance in choosing the most appropriate courses that fit your requirements and interests. We will even consider the fee structure and other amenities when we help you find the perfect match. If you wish to be assigned a trainer for online and offline coaching or mentoring across the globe, you have come to the right people!


Companies often get added value by collaborating or partnering up with other companies. The joint venture means the addition of new services, departments and of course higher returns which in turn propels you towards your desired goals. Your company can now win larger contracts, larger intellectual capital and a larger staff.

Database Services

For companies especially, we cater to both employees academic needs and the company’s growth needs. You can access the credentials of student database to get efficient and multisksilled talents from the Intellects Linkup database. As for academic needs, we are aware that there is a huge demand for quantitative data in institutes, especially towards the time of dissertations. We also know that your university libraries may have limited resources and you may have to resort to some online scouting to get your desired datasets. However, the guarantee of reliability is reduced to a grea extent. Therefore, we have one of the best databases that comprise of a large array of quantitative data - numerical, categorical, etc that are made available to you at a reasonable rate. Now there is no compromise on the magnitude of your study and you are sure to impress your assessor with your complex statistical analysis using such a comprehensive set of data. Apart from secondary data, we also encourage researchers who went out of their way to collect primary data to share with us and be rewarded. In case you need help with the analysis of data, you can reach out to us for our statistical/data analysis services<


We can help you with marketing strategies to shed light on your company’s services. Putting you out there in the market means increased interest from fresh graduates ready to embark on their career and possibilities of collaborations from other companies.

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