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To Get services - Linkup with some of subject matter experts and researchers with years of expertise in research methodologies and statistical analysis and from international backgrounds. Get round the clock service with our Guidance that is specially curated according to your needs and requirements. In addition to receiving aid for designing your research methodologies, you can get expert guidance on your thesis writing with our PhD thesis writing services . Get in touch now!

To Give services - If you are an expert researcher with years of expertise and specialization in academic research, join Intellects Linkup to share and discuss your valuable ideas or opinions with students in dire need of your help. You can act like a supplementary mentor to students and actively participate in formulating the perfect thesis on challenging topics for them. Your input is highly valued and will be reflected in the end products. Join Intellects Linkup today to get those gears working!

Testimonial: I approached Intellects Linkup with the purpose of getting guidance on data analysis with their statistical/data analysis services . I was so impressed with how prompt the team members are at reaching out to me and helping me through each and every step of the analysis that I decided to opt for their research paper writing services also. Prahlad Desai


To Get Invited - If you have a disruptive, groundbreaking result to share from your research, we will put you in touch with the most relevant conferences and seminars where you can present your findings. Your research, if significant, would prove to be a beneficial addition to the existing pool of knowledge. Meet keynote speakers for advice, get valuable feedback on your findings, interact with other researchers with similar interests and enjoy the conference co-curricular activities.

To Attend - Your research would involve you putting in a huge chunk of your time and energy into perfecting it. One of the best ways that has been proven time and again is to network and share even the most trivial of your opinions. Attending such conferences can give you the opportunity to learn from their experiences and get valuable feedback on your ongoing project.

Testimonial: Through intellects LinkUp’s recommendation I had attended the Annual Researchers’ Convention for Business Management and Social Innovation. Everything was properly planned and the itinerary of the convention was given to me beforehand. It was a wonderful and inspiring experience. Mrudula Bose

Database Services

To get Data - Our database comprises of the most comprehensive sets of secondary quantitative and qualitative datasets that will prove useful to your research. All types of data including chronological, numerical and categorical data can be furnished by us. Your research would be data rich and complex enough to impress any seasoned researcher. Just fill the form to let us know what type of data you require for your research and we will get in touch with you straightaway!

To provide Data - With the abundance of secondary data available to manipulate in various types of researches, often times a fresh new set of primary data can be intriguing. Some datasets come with an expiration period and therefore need to be replaced with a new set of data. If you have gone out of your way to collect detailed and comprehensive data, you can provide the data to us.

Testimonial: I was looking for a specific set of chronological data that is extremely relevant to my research but it was overpriced literally everywhere. With intellects Linkup i was able to access this dataset at such an affordable rate. They reached out to me asking if I needed help with the analysis. I am glad I said yes because their statistical/data analysis services is top notch. A+!! Sana Hashim


To Get Advertisement - If your are looking to get sponsorships or advertisement for international conferences,national conferences, Inhouse Events Of Institutes, or Admission Brochures, get in touch with us and we will help you!

To Give Advertisement - If you are willing to sponsor or give advertisement to international conferences,national conferences, Inhouse Events Of Institutes, or Admission Brochures, then we can help you. Get in touch with us today!

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