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To create an extraordinary platform for stakeholders !

Online guidance

Online Guidance for any type of research.

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Online consultancy services for International and National events

International Experts

Experimental & Research Support by International Experts.

We know that the feeling of getting a highly significant results is a euphoric one that feeds your need for achievement. Therefore, if you are an expert looking to exchange your valuable ideas and knowledge and if you consistently enjoy working on a variety of interesting topics furnished by our clients, then this is your ultimate platform. At Intellects Linkup, you will be given the esteemed responsibility of acting as a virtual mentor to budding researchers where you can give your inputs and ideas into an existing research. You are free to assist the clients with research methodologies and statistical analysis throughout the process. As an expert in the field, your knowledge of the structure and format of thesis writing would be of immense value at Intellects Linkup. Meaningful discussions, consistently motivating topics and challenging research methodologies would form the heart of your work with us! If you have the aptitude, attitude and interest to join our challenging yet highly rewarding environment, give us a call today!

Our pivotal goal is to ensure you sail smooth during the entire process of your research work. To realize this goal, we recruit industry experts and subject matter experts to ensure that you are given the proper guidance for a hassle free.

We want to be able to help you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. We will be your helping hands in tackling this rocky road together. With our professional guidance and round the clock assistance, your research work would feel like a breeze!

When we receive a call for help from you, we do not believe in following a standard set of procedures to guide you. Instead we will discuss with you and find out what YOUR ultimate goal is, what YOU want to communicate out of your research and how YOU can be motivated to improve upon your existing skills set. For Intellects Linkup, the service is all about YOU. For the very reason, we customize each and every procedure according to the client’s needs. This tailor made approach towards completing your assigned work is what makes us stand out from other Service providers. Our team of experts will discuss as to what aspects of your coursework interests you and what aspects would be valuable to the existing pool of research that is already conducted on your topic. That way we will create a personalized road map of your project and guide you from there.

Online Guidance

We provide online guidance for aspiring researchers wherever physical aid is not possible. Our assistance knows no bounds unless and until you are fully content with your work. We will ensure that we understand the depth of your research questions and methodologies and provide you with guidance that is backed by strong knowledge. Your online guidance expert will act like your virtual mentor, available to guide you from the beginning till the end.

International Experts

Our team of experts come from varying backgrounds with varying degrees of expertise in their fields. This is to ensure that your receive objective guidance pertaining to up-to-date methodologies and tried and tested research patterns. We know that your final expected work will be peer reviewed and most certainly reviewed later across different nations. Hence it is imperative that the language you use is as objective as possible without the use of any slangs/native centric sentence formations. To ensure you do not face this issue, our panel of experts include people from international backgrounds.

To those looking to exchange their valuable knowledge in a field where your help is the fundamental need, Intellects Linkup can provide the perfect platform to feed your desire to share and help students in need. You will be a part of a super challenging and exciting journey of discovery.

Researchers who are bound by time often skim through the synopsis when they conduct a literature review. So it is imperative that your synopsis is engaging and comprehensive to the point where it persuades the reader to delve deeper into your project. Acknowledging the importance of a killer synopsis, we are providing synopsis writing services pertaining to the approved structure and format.

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